SUPPORT English language support available for customers living in Japan.
We support your car life in japan.
Certified master technicians will take care of your car.
Maintainance, financial services, and insurance available in English.
We provide our customers with all the necessities.


We will maintain your car via our network of official dealers. In other words, choosing us means choosing the expertise of UK factory-approved technicians. Our service staff help keep your car safe using genuine parts only. We can maintain your car effectively using manufacturer-licensed diagnostic systems.

  • jaguar
  • landrover
  • aston martin


Our OEM-certified bodywork repair centre – the Hakko Body Technical Centre, which is one of the most advanced collision centres in Japan – can fix any problem, no matter how serious the damage. This repair facility has three frame pullers and multiple, class-leading paint booths. We undertake high-quality repairs using next-generation, water-based paints such as Standox and PPG.




A three-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with new cars. We also provide a one-year dealer warranty for certified pre-owned cars. An extended warranty is available for an additional fee. Breakdown service provided by the manufacturer can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in Japan, provided your car is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


You can purchase genuine parts from the UK via our official network of dealers. Only genuine parts are used when our technicians undertake repairs. If you want to add a personal touch to your car, you can select various genuine accessories from the manufacturer’s line-up.


You can purchase both new and used cars using our financial services. Choose a financial service company and plan according to your needs. We can simulate your monthly payments according to the deposit, the estimated residual value of the car, and how long you wish to defer the payments.

【Two types of Financial Services】
Auto Loan Service : A financial programme for purchasing a car ( for personal use)
Auto Leasing Service : A financial programme for leasing a car ( for business use)

The more you deposit before the program starts, the more you can reduce the monthly payment.In Japan, almost all car leasing agreements last for three years or five years.

  • jaguar
  • landrover
  • aston martin


【The two types of car Insurance in Japan】
1.Compulsory automotive liability insurance (in Japanese : jibaiseki)
2.Optional automotive insurance

In regards to insurance, there are two types of insurance.
It is mandatory under Japanese law to have compulsory automotive liability insurance (CALI). Since CALI may be insufficient in the case of a serious accident and DOES NOT cover drivers of the car of the policy holder, we strongly recommend optional automotive insurance, which can cover yourself and your liability completely. We will assist you to finding the ideal insurance to suits your needs and budget.

【Average Insurance Cost per year : Full Coverage】
Aston martin      300,000 JPY per year
Jaguar                200,000 JPY per year 
Landrover          250,000 JPY per year
The premium which you pay is subject to your accident record, your age, and the colour of your driver’s license. Car insurance in Japan is one of the most complicated systems in the world, so please contact us for assistance. We will do our best to find your ideal insurance plan.